A Gift and Loyalty card software for  spa & massage. 











Spa-goers are in a buyers’ market.

A loyal clients base is beneficial to every business.

This is particularly true if you run a client-centric business like a spa. Your competitors offer reasonable massage services and spa treatments. As a result, clients are always searching for the best possible experience. As the manager or spa owner, it is up to you to ensure that your clients’ expectations are met during each and every visit. Plus it's always easier to generate repeat business from existing clientele than it is to create new business from people who are unfamiliar with your practice.


Make repeat visits more attractive

For clients and set your business apart from others in an often crowded marketplace.

You already provide the best spa services available, adding a loyalty and prepaid (gift) card program is a great way your spa to make repeat visits more appealing for clients.


A loyalty program gives clients a tangible reminder

That a regular pedicure, manicure or massage is routine maintenance.

With Engage you can easily reward clients who frequent your practice with more of the services they love and, perhaps, inspire them to introduce potential new clients to your spa with additional rewards and VIP treatment. While a prepaid or gift card program incentivizes clients to purchase more services in advance by enhancing the purchase with bonus funds or free add-on services. Prepaying for services helps to reduce your cost of credit card processing, helps with forecasting and provides the perfect gift for people who are hard to please.

Flat fee

You can do it all for a flat fee of about $1 per day per location.

Engage is the perfect solution to set your spa or massage practice apart from everyone else. Plus there is no expensive equipment to buy, no software to install or support and you can have the system up and running in just 5 minutes and that includes your training time! We include everything you need and keep out all the nonsense fees like per-swipe charges and discount fees that eat into your profits.

With Engage you get unlimited

Unlimited transactions, unlimited users, unlimited 24/7 support.

All based in the USA. You also get upgrades and updates, secure storage and backup of all your data in addition to an online balance check for your clients that you can install right on your current website and much much more.