A Gift and Loyalty card software for  restaurants. 











Did you know that over 90% of consumers would sign up, if their favorite fast food or fine dining restaurant started a loyalty program? 

No restaurant owner likes an empty seat

Engage gives you a simple yet cost-effective way to keep your restaurant full and customers coming back regularly.

From the five star-only diners to those headed out the door to pick up a drive through meal, restaurant owners everywhere have an endless pool of potential customers to choose from. But despite the differences in signature dishes served, every restaurant has one common goal: to keep customers coming back. Sure, you already have your regulars, but how many more regulars could you create with some simple changes to your operation?

Customer loyalty 

We know it's an important ingredient to resturants of all types.

Loyal customers are the ones who will come back often and spend frequently, which helps restaurants of all sizes meet their bottom lines. Although building loyalty is not a new concept for restaurant owners, the tactics used to approach building customer loyalty have changed over the years and Engage has the tools and customer support to make sure you are successful from the start. 

Our team of developers works around the clock

to ensure we stay ahead of trends and keep delivering the most feature-rich and cost neutral program on the market.

 But, we don't stop there your service includes one-on-one consultations with our experts to help create a program that fits your concept correctly.  

Engage is not a one size fits all

Nor a cookie cutter approach to your program.

We provide you with a host of easy start and simple to manage "Engagement Program" that will fit your needs and customer requirements. Whether it's an electronic punch card, a tiered program that makes your customer feel special or a points to discount or freebie program. We have the tools, features, and know-how to get you well on your way to becoming more.

Here is some even better news...

You get both loyalty and gift for the same low flat rate price of about $1 a day!

There are no annoying swipe fees or discounts rates taken out and you control all the funds so you never need to wait for your funds to clear your bank.

Quick Keys

To building and maintaining a successful loyalty program for your restaurant

  1. Give your customers choices when it comes to rewards. No one likes one type of entree on the menu.
  2. Make sure to survey your customers on a regular basis to ensure your program is delivering on all levels.
  3. Recognize special events like birthdays and anniversaries.
  4. Create VIP opportunities for your most loyal customers - they will soon not forget it and as we all know, word of mouth is the best form of advertising.