Engage Affiliate


commission on all software sales

  • We take care of the entire sales process for you
    • Demos
    • Pre and post sale follow-up
    • Billing
    • Installation
    • Customer Support
  • You recieve 10% of the software sale
  • Access to your own affiliates page to monitor conversions
  • No limits to the amount you can earn or other requirements to fulfill
  • You have quick access to your funds, with payments being transferred 30 days from conversion

Engage Reseller


discounts based on annual volume


Our new reseller program is a multi-tiered discount program. The more your company sells, the more your margins grow and quickly add up.



# Licenses


15% off price of Engage



20% off price of Engage



25% off price of Engage



30% off price of Engage


  • All Resellers are required to participate in a 30 minute training session + yearly refreshers courses.
  • Resellers are provided a license that can be used by your entire sales force for the purposes of demonstrating Engage.
  • Engage is now using a dynamic pricing model. During peak selling seasons the price may increase. We will provide you with advanced notice of these changes and you can always return to this site to see the current retail price. These changes will not affect your discount structure, but will increase your margins.
  • You attain tier levels and discounts by meeting the sales goals for each tier. Your tier is not tied to a calendar year, but to the anniversary date of the establishment of your reseller’s account. The previous year is used in determining the following years tier level.
  • Support and technical assistance is provided by Engage freeing up your staff to make more sales.

Engage White Label Reseller


starting price


Created for resellers who want a branded solution to bundle with hardware. Your logo and corporate colors are expressed through the GUI and your contact information is what customers will see when it’s time to reorder.

White Label Resellers manage sales, installation and support. They set their own pricing and have the option to host the service. Engage provides all the tools you need to add to your bottom line with a fully customized set of options and features.







Reseller program is subject to change without notice. Engage reserves the right to terminate the program without notice. Refunds are provided when a RMA is requested within 10 days of account creation. Credit terms require a credit application and are subject to Net 10 terms. Account must remain in good standing to retain tier level.