Flat-fee, easy-to-understand pricing

Engage:Value starts at just about $1 a day. No swipe, discount or minimum fees to contend with. Start adding to your bottom-line today.

Simple, straight-forward, and easy on the eyes

Learning Engage:Value takes just a few minutes so you are able to devote more time to growing your business and adding to your bottom-line.

Unlimited Transactions and Users

With no per swipe fee and no max number of users allowed, Engage:Value is right for your company.

New to Engage and ready for set up?

Engage:Interview offers a simple set of questions that will have you hitting the ground running and your application set up as soon as you press Submit!

What is included    Transactions          Engagements Integration         Reports

What is included   

Help when you need it

When you have a question you need an answer right away – Engage:Value has all of your questions handled. Not only is help built right into the application, but our staff is here to lend a hand around the clock via phone or email.

Need a feature?  We are all ears

Your program's success is our #1 goal. Need Engage:Value to do something that it currently doesn’t – tell us what's on your mind and we will try to work our magic for you.


Engage uses bank-level AES-256 encryption, and ensures that all data is transferred over SSL. This keeps you – and your customers – safe and sound.

Real-time balance check on your website

With a little web know how you can add a real-time balance check that looks and feels just like your site. No need for customers to call an 800 number, visit a third party site or deal with pop-up boxes. 

Ever Expanding Technology

The Engage:Value team never rests. We constantly strive to create the most advanced solution on the market. To do this, we follow market trends and turn to our clients for feedback and input on how to make the solution even better. Releases of new features and functions are done regularly and don’t require any intervention from you. This ensures you have the most recent version at all times.

Software that upgrades itself – now that’s pure genius

No disks, downloads or USB drives means you don’t have to lift a finger or waste valuable time maintaining your software. We do that for you and it all happens automatically

Flat Fee

We offer a flat free with no hidden costs. No charge on swipe amounts, an amount of users, etc.

Unlimited Transactions

Swipe away with no worries. With no per swipe fee, our Application is right for you.

Unlimited users

Have as many employees working on multiple sites or users with no upgrade costs.

Unlimited client accounts

It doesn't matter how many clients you have, Engage never limits or charges for the ability to add new clients to the system.

Multiple Locations

Engage:Value offers the opportunity to control multiple location systems, with the ability to provide management access to individual locations.


Gift and Loyalty built into the same application saves you time and money

Your Engage subscription includes the ability to do gift and loyalty quickly and easily in one transaction.

Demographic Collection

Quickly and accurately add customers contact information via postal code matching regardless of your locale. Cleaner data means better program results.

Real-time balance check on your website

With a little web know how you can add a real-time balance check that looks and feels just like your site. No need for customers to call an 800 number, visit a third party site or deal with pop-up boxes.


Internationalization and localization mean locale specific symbols and settings are automatically loaded and easily changed as needed.

Automatic Awards

Customers earn value for visits or purchases. Awards are provided based on frequency and purchasing habits but have a limited expiration period to attract and retain customers and encourage frequent repeat business.

Account Search Options

Easily look up accounts by lookup focused on names, phone numbers, and even email.

Quick Add buttons mean quick transaction processing

Having quick access to common values that can be added or subtracted from cards equates to faster processing times which in turn equates to happier customers.


Events, donations, personalized coupons – Engage:Value Bulk-Add feature is an industry first. Quickly add a range of accounts to Engage – limit redemption via an expiration date or one-time-use policy.

Add notes to transactions

Create useful comments for reporting and tracking purposes during transactions. Engage provides you with a flexible framework to meet the most demanding business needs.



Your own custom program in minutes 

Engage:Value makes it easy to get started with your gift and loyalty program right here - right now. You get complete control and access to the software once your order is processed. It's that simple!


Build your own program to fits your current needs for creating a loyal and frequent customer base. This program lets to pick and choose the options and awards process that best fits your business needs.

Pure Points

A spending-based program that permits customers to accumulate points that can be redeemed for products and services. Programs like this tend to offer multiple awards at multiple levels and the customer may continue to accrue points to reach higher valued products and services.


Is akin to the card and hole punch, green-stamps or sticker program of the past. Fill a card and get an award. Punches are accumulated based on spending levels - $10 = 1 punch – collect 10 punches to redeem for products or services.

Hybrid Point/Tier

A combination of Pure Points and Tier Levels. Customers not only earn points for their spending, but spending helps them to attain tier level status. Customers can redeem points for products and services while retaining their Tier Level based on your criteria of duration.

Tier Levels

By reaching tier levels customers unlock additional value, services, and perks much like the Starbucks Star card – at Green and Gold levels are eligible for free refills…. This kind of program rewards customers for frequent patronage and purchases.

Value Points

A cash/rebate program. Similar to many credit card programs that offer a percentage of purchases back in the form of an award – cash or credit.


 Integrate with virtually any system, network or solution

Engage's easy to use API Service gives you the flexibility to integrate with E-commerce, POS, Box Office, Kiosks, parking lot management, PMS and DMS systems. With a few simple calls, you are ready to make magic, cut payment-processing costs and create seamless integrations for gift and loyalty processing that will reduce training costs and enhance ROI. 

 Evolis Card Printers

With just a check of a box, you can create customized gift and loyalty cards with your connected Evolis card printer.

Have a system or software product you want to work with Engage?

Contact our support department to learn about our third party development and integration process.


A full library of reports

Our reporting library covers all the bases and helps you to analyze usage, engagement, and return on investment.

Exportable Data

The data created in Engage belongs to your business and is exportable at any time. With just one click you are able to export program data into almost any off the shelf product to crunch the numbers, create mailing lists, and help enhance your gift and loyalty card program.

Custom reports

Don't see something that fits your needs? Not a problem - contact us and our team will work with you to find a solution that fits your requirements.


Welcome to Engage:Interview

One of Engage’s best selling features is its ease of use. To further make using Engage easy we created Engage:Interview. This setup wizard creates an instance of Engage:Value - all catered to you.

To receive the most beneficial use of Engage Gift and Loyalty, we created this quick set up, Engage:Interview. By answering a few questions, we will make sure everything is set and ready for you to start engaging with your clients.

Don't worry if you change your mind - nothing is set in stone. All settings are easily accessible from your Dashboard via the Settings option. Not sure on a question - simply click skip and learn more about it later.

Customize your set up with options for:

Expiration Policy


Loyalty Multiplier

Loyalty Reward