A Gift and Loyalty card software for  entertainment venues. 


Loyal customers

The backbone of every business.

And in today's highly competitive entertainment venue environment, these guests can't be overlooked or they may be won over by your competitors.


As an operator, you already know that you have very loyalty guests

Ones that continue to come year after year and bring new generations-

to introduce them to memories they will always cherish. And with many opportunities to spend disposable income how do you get your loyal guests to spend more time with you? Loyalty and prepaid programs are the simple and cost-effective keys to enhancing and cementing your relationship with these important guests.


Tiered loyalty programs 

Create a tiered loyalty program that awards guests.

Creating a tiered loyalty program that awards guests and acknowledges the most loyal among them with VIP status as well as perks, discounts and freebies help to ensure that guests extend their stays and come back frequently. Additionally, setting up a prepaid program for daily guests and annual pass holders not only helps to increase spending but acts as a buffer to cut credit card processing costs a crossed your entire venue by reducing per-swipe fees, chargebacks and administrative costs. 


Flexible API 

Engage's API allows for easy integration.

You can integrate our solution into your already present POS and management systems further reducing costs, training times and on-going support virtually eliminating the barriers often associated with rolling out venue wide solutions.


Cashless solution

Alleviate guest inconvenience, and encourage purchasing.

Engage is also the perfect cashless solution for venues that require guests to wear wet condition clothing, swimsuits, protective gear, require changes into provided uniforms, costumes/clothing or require the lock up and/or storage of personal effects.

By utilizing Engage as a payment solution you alleviate inconveniencing guests by not having them return to a dry or lounge area, storage locker or back to the parking lot for a payment form or cash. Additionally, Engage provides an extra layer of security, accountability and convenience and encourages spontaneous purchasing.











Theme parks, amusement parks, water parks, and adventure parks

They all already have extremely loyal guests.

But what more can you do as an operator to create fully engaged and loyal guests? Implementing a top customer loyalty program that supplies customers with the best, highly personalized rewards is a recipe for success.



KickBack Rewards Systems

Specializes in developing customized rewards programs that drive customer satisfaction. 

These incentive programs include relationship, management, marketing, and management solutions and, of course, the opportunity to earn shopping rewards such as discounts on tickets, food items, parking and prizes.



Improve customer experience

Having an excellent frequent shopper program improves customer experience which can widen profit margins.

-by making people more receptive to opening up their wallets.  Happy members fuel great results, and it's never too late to start the journey toward a more successful, customer-driven business. Furthermore, research shows that people are consistently willing to pay more for goods and services when using a top loyalty program because they believe the retailer is providing them with higher-level care. This is a hallmark of the most successful markets in retail.



Create a meaningful exchange

Truly great loyalty strategies create a meaningful exchange of value between the company and the customer.

This exchange encourages customers to share all kinds of profile, preference and behavioral data. And the insights derived from that customer knowledge have broad applications for all customer-facing strategies. KickBack can show you how to drive sales among existing customers while still marketing to a whole new audience to keep your turnstiles churning. Contact your KickBack representative to learn more.