A Gift and Loyalty card software for  dental. 











Did you know that 59% of consumers stated they would be encouraged to return to a practice if the practice had a loyalty program? 

You strive every day to enhance patient engagement

As a practice owner or manager in your practice while continually looking for new ways to attract new clientele.

Engage:Value can make your job much easier by providing the tools and custom support you need to build strong and lasting relationships with patients all while generating higher returns for your practice.

Loyalty programs have been around for years

Your patients are already familiar and happy to be rewarded for their loyalty to businesses they frequent. 

What's more, a loyalty program can give you powerful insights into your practice, enhance the process of referrals and reduce your advertising budget all while rewarding positive patient activities like having 2 cleanings per year, being cavity free, flossing, brushing and much more offering dental practices a fast return on their investment that unprecedented.

Create programs

that could be beneficial to your patients that are uninsured or underinsured.

With Engage by providing a pre-paid program with benefits that reward patients for adding value to the card. Add $100 get a free cleaning for one family member, add $250 and get a $50 cash bonus to the account.

Flat fee

You can do all of this for a flat fee of about $1 per day per location.

Plus there is no expensive equipment to buy, no software to install or support and you can have the system up and running in just 5 minutes and that includes your training time!

We include everything you need

And keep out all the nonsense fees like per-swipe charges and discount fees that eat into your profits.

With Engage you get unlimited transactions, unlimited users, 24/7 support based in the USA, upgrades and updates, secure storage and backup of all your data, an online balance check for your customers that you can install right on your current website and much much more.