A Gift and Loyalty card software for  automotive 











Create lifelong customer relationships

Coffee mugs no longer produce importantly repeated business.

We believe in your ability to create lifelong customer relationships. Outstanding customer experiences begin in the service department and are the first step toward building customer loyalty.

Reward new car buyers

With a $50 cash award using your dealership’s loyalty card.

Using your dealership’s loyalty card is a better way of driving them into your service department to spend it. Adding value to the loyalty card after every service visit maintains a strong incentive to return to your dealership again and again.

Learn more about your customers

Each visit puts you in a position to learn more about your customers.

Engage:Value, is not only an integral part of creating happy customers, it ensures customers follow the “loyalty loop” back to you when they have an automotive need. Happy loyalty customers are also more likely to refer family and friends to your dealership.

Sell more cars

Generate more revenue

Improve customer satisfaction with a loyalty program powered by Engage:Value for about a dollar a day.